Selecting an Emergency Tree Rescue Services

Rough weather conditions can cause trees to fall and pose a dangerous situation for people, traffic and even animals. And that’s why, it’s better to relocate dead trees planted in close proximity to residential properties. It can be really dangerous in case of windy storms. Every year, a considerable number of trees fall on homes, cars, electricity poles, people and so on. And the number of casualty is also pretty high. Many homeowners have suffered this unfortunate tree fall and ended up in bearing hefty damages to their property. The most amazing thing is that in spite of such hefty losses, people are unaware of what to do. Normally, people think:

Will my insurance company pay for this?

Which tree has fallen, mine or my neighbour’s?

In case my tree falls in neighbour’s yard, will I pay for this? Am I liable for the damage?

Will local tree service will deal with the matter?

How much time it will take to relocate the fallen tree?

How much time will take to fix my roof?

Whom to call to fix the problem?

Well, they are pretty genuine questions that arise during an emergency situation. The good news is that insurance company is responsible for taking care of emergency tree removal. It bears the entire cost. The insurance company is generally hired by homeowners. Insurance companies generally have list of vendors of local tree companies which provide the assistance to the homeowners. The insurance companies also send their representatives to homeowners and chalk out the deal. The deal will include the compensation amount and the process of taking care of the fallen trees. Since trees generally fall on roofs, the insurance company providers will tell the homeowners how they are going to deal with that. They will tell you about the total time required to relocate the fallen tree. Things like how much machines and equipments (cranes, trolleys, manpower etc) will be required. During the discussion, tell the representative what are your requirements and so on.