Recycled Plastic Products

Manufacturing goods from recycled materials has become much more possible in the last decade. The look and quality of these goods is often vastly improved because of new technology available. One area where recycling has significantly developed is plastics.

Recycled plastics are now robust with an excellent appearance and finish. Many plastic products are not only made from reclaimed materials but can also often be recycled themselves when disposed of, which is good for the environment as there is an ongoing chain of recycling.

Most importantly, using recycled plastic helps people support the environment by reducing landfill. It helps organisations meet their environmental targets in a world where sustainability is an increasingly important part of procurement.

There are many other benefits for businesses too. Companies that are seen to use recycled materials are seen as ethical by the public and their customers. This product is also an economical choice because it is a very reasonably priced material and lasts for a long time.

This plastic can even be manufactured to have different surface effects and mock other materials. For instance, timber effect plastic has a grained finish to look like wood. The grain also allows these signs to look natural and so blend into the environment.

Timber effect plastic is ideal for things like signs which are often exposed to the elements; as it is weather resistant, non-biodegradable and UV stable. The versatility of the material also allows it to be cut and manufactured in the exact same way as timber.

The plastic for these signs is commonly made from plastic that was originally non-biodegradable, like polystyrene. Items such as polystyrene cups and hangers are difficult to dispose of, so turning them into other recycled products is a perfect solution.

Wayfaring and countryside signs are often made from recycled plastic because it is maintenance free, rot proof and insect proof. These signs need to be robust as they are often in rural areas where they cannot be checked and maintained regularly.