Are Indian Gold Coins Better Than Jewelry?

Indians always purchase gold coins and jewelry with excitement and interest. This is because most Indian families believe that purchasing gold is a safe investment. Therefore, they purchase gold ornaments and gold coins as a savings for their future.

This concept has been carried for many generations and Indians still have an utmost belief in this concept. A few points that have been discussed below prove that Indians prefer investing in Gold coins rather than in gold jewelry:

– Coins are cheaper than jewelry as coins are minted instead of designed. So, the amount of wastage that occurs is less, as coins do not have to be given a specific shape. The design cost is usually borne by the buyer and so they prefer buying coins that do not include such costs.

– While purchasing a piece of jewelry you have to pay for making it. However, this does not apply when you purchase a coin. This is simply because a coin is minted and not designed in the same way as jewelry.

– Coins can be kept safely as all you need to do is keep them in a locked safe, whereas gold jewelry is worn out if used on a regular basis. That means that, you need to get it polished occasionally to regain its shine.