A Forewarning About the Safety and Liability Threats Associated with Dogs

Recently,A Forewarning About the Safety and Liability Threats Associated with Dogs Articles I was watching one of the leading morning programs that highlighted a segment talking about the adoption of shelter dogs. They had three of the local shelter’s dogs on set and they were so cuddly. My friend’s response “I love dogs!” articulates how most of us feel about our dogs. Dogs certainly have a knack for bringing a smile to your face.

Dogs have customarily been a significant part of man’s life. In our society today the dog’s primary role has metamorphosed from a work or service animal to that of friend and family member. In fact, our dogs have evolved into an essential member of the family. Accompanying this role change, society has developed some unrealistic assumptions about their pets. From time to time we fail to understand that a dog has natural tendencies and we cannot predict how they will behave in certain situations. At times we may attempt to explain or anticipate their behaviors based on human nature. This custom is inappropriate and leaves us perplexed and upset when our dog behaves adversely or consistent to his natural genetic characteristics.
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Each year the television media tells the public about some of the more troublesome events connected to dogs. For example in August 2012, a young Georgia college student who was devoted to rescuing dogs was killed by dogs that she had adopted. In May, a North Carolina resident was charged with involuntary manslaughter after his pit bull fatally wounded his neighbor. Stories like these cause us to pause and ask oneself if owning a dog is worth the risks. We must understand at this point that dogs will react like dogs but responsible owners can take steps to prevent events like these from occurring in the first place.

As you meditate on dog ownership, recognize the risks related with owning a dog. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no