Mobile Application Development Trends For Years To Come

Global revenues for mobile applications are anticipated to increase by a staggering 962.5% by 2017. With the increase of use of mobile applications on smartphones it will soon be converted into a $100 billion USD by the end of 2020. Rapid development in technology is responsible for evolution of mobile applications into a global phenomenon. Here are some of the latest trends that the largest fraternity of mobile phone users can look forward to.

Augmented reality or AR in games is the latest trend. The demand for location-tracking functionality of smartphones has increased thus making such apps popular among users. AR has become extremely beneficial to those who are creating 3D games nowadays.

Hybrid Technologies: Progressive hybrid technologies will become powerful and will develop rapidly with the use of tools like Angular JS, Ionic, Cordova and PhoneGap. These will be used for agile hybrid app development projects. BYOD or bring your own device is a recent phenomenon which contributes a lot towards the development and acceptance of hybrid. According to prediction, mobile enterprise apps will have a high demand and there will be a challenge for the developers to accept it.

Focus on Mobile App Designing: The success of a mobile application depends on how user-friendly the interface is. Graphic artists, illustrators and animators are being hired by every company to draw public attention towards the design of the app. Visuals, micro interactions, parallax, grid-based interface designing and split-screens are going to be some of the path breaking trends to look forward to.