Do You Want to Syndicate Your Blog Post?

To syndicate your blog post, there are several popular tools. A favorite for syndicating your blot post is HootSuite. It’s a great means for broadcasting to Twitter and Facebook, where you can post from your blog directly to your to your Facebook Wall. You can’t post a status update directly to your fan page, however. To do that, you have to integrate This site will actually syndicate to a lot of other places besides Facebook and Twitter.

You do have to be careful when doing syndication to make sure you don’t create circles, where information is referenced back and forth. Both HootSuite and can be used every day to syndicate your blog post. One more tool is RSS, and it will get blog posts to syndicate, but you should choose the networks in which you’re actually planning to participate and respond to comments. You need to “be there” for the conversation.

You can also set up autofeeds from any of your blog posts right into your notes in Facebook. If you feel comfortable posting your blog to Facebook, then it’s okay. You shouldn’t have multiple profiles if you have multiple pages or several Twitter accounts. But if you have more than one profile that you’re posting to, you can do all of that through your HootSuite account.

Be careful when you syndicate your blog post that you aren’t overwhelmed with responding to comments. RSS, HootSuite and allow you to do that because you can manage all your postings on one site. If you put all your time into one or two good properties, you don’t need to syndicate everything. Some feel it is a bit disingenuous to be posted when you’re not really there. The critical step when you syndicate your blog post is that when you post, you should pay attention to each person that interacts and make those people feel special, feel noticed, and feel like you’re really there.

It’s important to remember the “social” part of social media. Syndicating your blog post is closer to broadcasting. If all you do is broadcast with little interaction, people will eventually stop listening. You don’t want someone to hide or “un-friend” you with too much syndication of your blog posts.