Why You Should Invest in Gold

Many of you have already seen some of those gold commercials on TV and have been skeptical about investing in this commodity. There’s always skeptics in the market claiming gold is a bad choice or a doomed investment. All these claims are extreme paranoia and have yet to be proven based on gold’s movement in the market. The thought of buying gold yourself may seem overwhelming, but it is quite simple. There are many choices of how you may pick your investment. While physical gold is the most commonly thought of, money can be invested in gold by buying exchange traded funds that are backed by gold.


Why Gold?

Gold is the best hedge against inflation and a falling currency. While gold may fall, it stays at consistent levels, making it a highly attractive investment. Currencies are extremely volatile and prone to downward slides. Gold may fall, but this metal will never fall to an extreme such as the dollar has from its high. Inflation is almost a guarantee in the future and it only pushes gold to higher levels. Keeping your assets in cash will only cause you to lose in the long term.

Now is the prime time to invest in gold. During booms, gold often falls due to investors flocking to other markets. When those bubbles burst, they have no choice but to return back to gold as a solid asset. With the economy and the dollar weak, gold is a commodity many people are flocking to, helping increase the price of this valuable metal. If you’re looking into getting gold, it is best to get it now rather than later.

While money can be printed out easily, gold cannot be duplicated. When debt is accumulated, the government prints more money to pay off the borrowed funds. Flooding the marketplace with these excess currency notes only drives the value of the currency down. Gold has to be mined, and it cannot be created by man. As more gold is sold, scarcity increases becaus